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Meal Plans - paid with a credit card or invoice (bill to Student Account). 
Raider Dollars - paid with a credit card only. 
Dining Dollars - paid by invoice (bill to Student Account) only. 

The individual products (Meal Plans, Raider Dollars, Dining Dollars) cannot be purchased together as one sale, because of the different types of payment accepted. 

You will need to purchase one type of product at a time (Meal Plans, Raider Dollars, or Dining Dollars) - complete that sale and then you can purchase another type of product as a separate sale.

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  • The Shopping Cart Screen lists all products that currently exist in your cart.
  • To update a specific product’s quantity, type the new quantity in the appropriate field and click the ‘Update Total’ button.  Update your total Raider Dollars or Dining Dollars purchase!  Minimum purchase is $25.00.
  • To remove an item from your cart, click the ‘Remove’ link in the appropriate column for the item that should be removed.
  • To continue shopping, click the ‘Continue Shopping’ button and you will be returned to the product listing where you can select your next purchasing destination.
  • Click the ‘Checkout’ button to continue to the next step of completing your order.