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Dining Services and Sustainability at Pacific University

Waste Reduction Programs
  • Dining Services donates excess food preparations to a local organization. This includes entrees, pizza, and other cooked food that would otherwise be discarded.
  • Since summer 2008, Dining Services has partnered with various local pig farmers to reuse food waste. Current food waste is collected by our local pig farmer as slop for their pigs and chickens. Instead of food being thrown into a landfill it's being given as food to their animals. Beth, the farmer is pleased with the program as it benefits her customers as well; who purchase eggs layed by her hens.
    • Fun Fact: The pig farmer that Dining Services partnered with in 2010 donated pigs for Lu'au.
  • Beginning in Fall 2009, Dining Services began offering reusable to-go containers at our residential restaurant for all meals in place of traditional disosable to-go boxes. This change resulted in diverting 128,000 disposable to-go containers from landfills. Fall 2014, Dining Services gave out approximately 500 to-go containers to qualifying students. To-go containers can also be purchased for $5 in the P.O.D Market or The Grove.
  • Have you noticed we don't use trays in The Grove? That's because there are environmental, social and economic benefits and to trayless dining.
    • Reduces food waste
    • conserves water usage
    • reduced the use of dish detergent and sanitizers
    • creates greater awarness about food waste & environmental impact

Locally Grown and Produced Foods

  • We Buy Local!*
    • Dining Services purchases vegetables, fruits, milk, processed dairy products (ice cream, cheese, yogurt, butter), meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, baked goods, granola/cereal, and sauces/syrups (maple syrup, honey, spreads, dressings, etc.) from local vendors.
  • Dining Services purchases directly from three producers and purchases from an additional 28 local producers through distributors (Sysco Foods, Fulton Meats in Wilsonville OR, Franz Breads, Sunshine Dairy, Charlie’s Produce).
  • Dining Services also uses Pacific’s B Street Farm to purchase anything in season, including lettuce, carrots, mixed greens, tomatoes, and peppers.

    *Defined as food that has been grown, raised, produced, or processed within 250 miles of the campus.

Dining Services Events
  • On November 13th a group of Boxer students led a weigh the waste event with the help of Dining Services. As part of their sustainability project, these Boxer students gathered, sorted and weighed food, liquid and paper waste for three hours with the help of our marketing intern and marketing manager.
  • For Recyclemania 2013, Dining Services conducted two dumpster dive events. Students sorted recylcling out of the trash, then trash out of the recycling. Multiple bags and a whole tub of dishes were recovered! Did you know that an excess amount of trash in recycling contaminates the mixutre, making what you recycled trash? Be careful what you throw away and where!


Did you know that 1/3 of food is wasted?*
1 "Global Food Losses and Food Waste," Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.Rome, 2011

Recyclemania 2013