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Sustainability at Pacific University

Waste Reduction Programs

  • Boxer Dining donates excess food preparations to the Salvation Army and SOS kitchens in Washington County. This includes entrees, pizza, and other cooked food that would otherwise be discarded. All donated food items are frozen prior to transport to allow agencies the freedom to distribute based on their specific schedules. Over a 6 month time period, Boxer Dining donated 1,913 pounds of food.
  • Boxer Dining partnered with a local pig farmer to reuse food waste. Current food waste is collected by our local pig farmer as slop for his animals. By diverting food waste from the landfill, we are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the Northwest. For Luau 2010, this new arrangement also benefited the Pacific community, as the farmer donated pigs for our student’s event. Program began in Summer 2008
  • Beginning in Fall 2009, Boxer Dining began offering reusable to-go containers at our residential restaurant for all meals. To date, Boxer Dining and Pacific University residents have diverted 128,000 disposable to-go containers from landfills.

Locally Grown and Produced Foods - Check out the interactive map below!

  • Boxer Dining purchases vegetables, fruits, milk, processed dairy products (ice cream, cheese, yogurt, butter), meat, poultry, eggs, seafood, baked goods, granola/cereal, and sauces/syrups (maple syrup, honey, spreads, dressings, hummus, etc.) from local vendors.
  • Nearly 25% of all food purchases are local.
  • Boxer Dining purchases directly from three producers and purchases from an additional 28 local producers through distributors (Sysco Foods, Fulton Meats in Wilsonville OR, Franz Breads, Sunshine Dairy, Charlie’s Produce).
  • In addition to the 31 producers used above, Boxer Dining also uses Pacific’s B Street Farm to purchase anything in season, including lettuce, carrots, mixed greens, tomatoes, and peppers.

    *Defined as food that has been grown, raised, produced, or processed within 200 miles of the campus.

Additional Initiatives

  • Boxer Dining currently has a student sustainability intern to research ways to increase sustainable initiatives.
  • ARAMARK Green Thread programs are used throughout Boxer Dining.
  • “Blue Cleaning” (use of electrolyzed water) is replacing chemical cleaning agents throughout Boxer Dining. Many other cleaning agents are biodegradable from vendor Ecolab.