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Meal Plans - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase a Meal Plan or Dining Dollars?
You may purchase a Meal Plan in serveral ways:
- If you live in University Housing, you can purchase your Meal Plan or Dining Dollars through the Student Services office. This option allows you to have the cost deferred to your student account.
- Commuting students, faculty and staff and resident students who need to purchase additional Dining Dollars should make their purchase through this e-commerce website, via the mail or in person at the Dining Services office in the U.C.
Purchase Now!


How can I deposit more money into my Dining Dollars account?
You can always add funds to your Dining Dollars. The easiest way to do it is to use this e-commerce secure website: Purchase Now!  You may also add funds with cash or check via mail or in person at the Dining Services office. We are located in the rear of the dining area of Real Food on Campus in the U.C. building.


Where can I use my Dining Dollars?
You can use your Dining Dollars at either of two dining locations on campus or at the Hillsboro Health Professions campus:

- On-Campus at the RFoC and Boxer Bistro
- Off-Campus at the 8th Ave Cafe in Hillsboro


I'm broke! Can I withdraw money from my Dining Dollar account?
Sorry, no. Meal plan and Dining Dollar purchases may exclusively be used in Pacific University Dining Services locations. This helps ensure that funds budgeted by parents and students for food remain available for that purpose throughout the semester.


Can I use my friend's card if they approve it?
Meal plans and Dining Dollars on each person's dining card may only be used to make purchases if the cardholder is present. Only the person matching the photo on the ID card is authorized to use it. We check each card carefully to prevent theft from lost or stolen cards for your protection. 

What's up with meals on Saturday and Sunday in the U.C.?
Saturdays and Sundays feature our community brunch meal which is served from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Dinner on Saturday and Sunday is served from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The Boxer Bistro is open 9am-Midnight on both Saturday and Sundays. You are able to grab a breakfast pairing of muffins and coffee before the RFoC opens. Don't forget, the Boxer Bistro is open Late for all of your midnight cravings!

What happens to my Dining Dollars at the end of the term, year or when I leave Pacific?
If you have:
- Dining Dollars will roll over from the Fall to Spring terms. At the end of the Spring term, balances on you account of $100 or less will be rolled over to the next academic term. At the end of the Spring term, any balances over $100.00 will be reduced to the $100.00. No refunds will be given at the end of the Spring term. 
- Students, faculty and staff with Dining Dollars who are not returning to the following academic year. To help you use any excess Dining Dollars funds, over $100, at the end of the Spring term, we hold a special sale we call the Bulk Buy! We make a special menu of snack items and beverages, offering them to you for purchase with your remaining Dining Dollars at a discounted prices. Typical items for sale include Chips, Crackers, Soda, Bottled Water, Cereal, Fruit and Candy. You simply place an order with us, we deduct it from your Dining Dollars and you have fresh snacks for the summer break.

How can I contact Pacific University Dining Services?
We can be reached via the feedback section of this website or via phone at (503) 352-2217. We can also be reached by email @ bigelowb@pacificu.edu