What is Sustainability?

Ecological Preservation:

  • Waste reduction, recycling, and composting
  • Conservation of soil and water resources
  • Energy and material efficiencies to minimize impact on the ecosystem
  • Protection and enhancement of wildlife habitats

Economic Viability

  • Cost saving opportunities(e.g. energy management)
  • Support the local economy (i.e. farmers, suppliers)
  • Waste elimination

Social Justice

  • Support a living wage requirement
  • Overall human rights initiatives
  • Safe working conditions

             Why is it important?
Seven Critical Global Trends

  • The population explosion
  • Diminishing land resources
  • Diminishing water resources
  • The destruction of the atmosphere
  • The approaching energy crisis
  • Social decline
  • Conflicts and increasing killing power

Source: Green Handbook: Nielsen


            What are the benefits?
For Our Students:

  • Concern for the environment
  • Support for human rights
  • Perceived quality (freshness)

For Our Campus:

  • Support environemt protection
  • Point of differentiaion for institution
  • Health concerns & nutritional value
  • Important student cause
  • Educational value

For Our State:

  • Economic impact:: local employment/business
  • Environment protection
  • Nutritional value & health concerns
  • Support safe working conditions & working wage
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  Local, Natural, and Organic Foods from the Pacific Northwest

At Evergreen, we are committed to local food sourcing from suppliers such as Bagel Brothers, Batdorf & Bronson, Ostrom’s, and Fuji House, supporting the local and regional economy, evidenced by our purchasing over 28.6% of our food from local, organic, and fair trade farmers in 2013 as measured by AASHE STARS criteria. Our goal is to work with the college to identify specific measurable goals for sustainable food purchases by identifying opportunities to enhance and elevate the current program based on criteria that is important to the college.

Campus Dining will partner with the college on the development of a sustainable food purchasing policy to address the expansion of a sustainable foods program at Evergreen.

  Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters is an Olympia classic since 1986! We purchase their organic, fair-trade, and shade grown coffees that will satisfy any Pacific Northwest coffee nerd. B&B business practices support sustainable practice through purchasing of a 100% renewable energy resource.
Bagel Brothers is a local bagel and sandwich shop located on the west side of Olympia! Their bagels contain no preservatives and and use flour sourced from the Pacific Northwest, Shepard's Grain!  
  Draper Valley Chicken Farm, in Mount Vernon, WA, provides The Greenery and The MarketPlace with antibotic-free, hormone-free, and preservative-free chicken. Their humanely raised chickens lead a healthy life, running free in open air barns. Their sustainable farming practice and local sourcing makes Draper a staple we are proud of in our sustainable purchasing efforts.  
Fulton Provisions started as a small family butcher in 1921. Today, Fulton is the first and only beef processing plant in the nation to be certified sustainable for their management practices. Their beef is vegetarian fed with no added hormones or antibotics, in addition to being Food Alliance certified.    
  Charlie's Produce is a local, employee owned produce disturbutor. They are a provider of some of our local and organic Pacific Northwest produce.
Columbia Gorge Organic Juice is an honest-to-goodness family farm. Since 1989, the Stewart family has farmed 180 acres along Oregon's Columbia River. They grow over 60 varieties of fruit for their fresh squeezed juice which is offered at all of our retail locations.  
  The Evergreen State College Organic Farm is a 5 acre area that provides a living laboratory to agricultural and ecological studies at Evergreen. The farm is certified organic and salmonella-safe. The Greenery salad bar features the farms fare in late spring, summer, and early fall when the academic year and growing season overlap.
United Natural Foods is a distrubtor of natural, fair-trade, and organic products. UNFI works to reduce their carbon footprint through building energy efficient LEED certified distribution centers, purchasing and investment of green energies (i.e. solar and wind), and using truck fleets running on natural gas.    
  Located in Kent Valley, WA, Smith Brother's Farms is a family business that has been operating since the 1920s. Their 100% rBST hormone-free milk is a staple in our dining services.
Stieber's Farm is a family farm out of Yelm, WA. Stieber's fresh eggs come from cage-free and vegetarian fed hens travel only 25 miles to make it to the Evergreen campus. These happy hens' eggs are a staple in The Greenery.