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Our Healthy for Life resources and programs are designed to support and engage the entire campus community and connect us all to a healthier lifestyle. 

Everyday Nutrition & Wellness Information
Available in your dining locations and online.

Nutrition News You Can Use

General Healthy & Planning:
My Plate for Better Health
Vegetarian Choices
Nutrition on a Budget
Healthy Snacking
Understanding Food Allergies
Breakfast Basics

Focused Nutrition News:
The Goodness of Whole Grains
The Latest on Carbs
Focus on Fats
Seafood in the News

Impact on Health:
Calcium and Bone Health
Hydration and Your Health
Gluten and Your Health
Produce for Better Health
Salt, Sodium and Your Health

View news and advice on wellness topics you care about from registered dietitians:
For personalized information and questions, see your on-campus dietitian.  For answers from registered dietitians for many frequently asked questions, see the topics below.
Healthy Snacking
Hydration and Your Health
Salt, Sodium and Your Health
The Latest on Carbs
Understanding the Facts About Fats
The Goodness of Whole Grains
Vegetarian Choices
Breakfast Basics
Seafood and Your Health
My Plate for Better Health
Nutrition on a Budget
Produce in Your Diet

Seasonal Tips for Health & Wellness

General Health, Wellness & Nutrition Topics:
Explore Healthy Cooking Styles
Fad Free Nutrition Tips
Get Your Plate in Shape
Good News About Fats
Health & Flavor Go Together
Energizing News
Heathly Starts
Separating Fact From Fiction


Fresh Ideas for the Season
Make it Healthy, Make it Delicious

Energize and Enjoy
Flavors of the Season
Celebrate the Season
Stay Cool, Stay Healthy

Busy Fall Schedule Health Tips
Get Ready, Get Healthy
Healthy Habits for Fall

Hot, Hearty, Healthy Comfort Foods
Healthy Ideas for the Season
Making Resolutions That Last

Other Helpful Resources:
American Heart Association
American Diabetes Association
Vegetarian Resource Group
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formally known as the American Dietetic Association)
U.S. Government Information on Food and Nutrition for Consumers
U.S. Department of Agriculture's - ChooseMyPlate
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Food Allergy Network