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Meal Plans

Early meal plan sign up is now open. To register or change your meal plan visit AccessUH.

Eating on campus is an important part of campus life. Whether it is a quick bite on the way to class or a casual lunch with friends, a meal plan makes life so easy! With options like food trucks at the University Center or Pizza Hut at the UC Satellite - eating on campus has never been so convenient!

You also get a 10% discount when you use your Cougar Cash at either one of the dining halls: Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers or the RFoC at Cougar Woods!

More value is just a swipe away. Affordable. Effortless. Reliable.

Whether you're eating on campus every day or just a few times a week, you could be saving money with a meal plan. See the chart below to see how much you save compared to our door rates in the residential restaurants.

'14-'15 Door Rates Breakfast - $7.00 Lunch - $8.00 Dinner - $9.00
Resident Plan Price per Meal
*at 3 meals per day
Commuter Plan Price per Meal
All-Access 7* $4.97* Block 120 $5.97
Lifestyle 15 $6.27 Block 80 $6.56
Lifestyle 160 $7.97 Block 40 $7.75
Block 20 $8.00

Once you have a meal plan, your Cougar Card works like a debit card.  Just swipe your card and the residential meal or Cougar Cash is deducted from your account automatically.

Purchasing a meal plan gives you the peace of mind that you can eat what you want and where you want all semester. 

need to know Info

All-Access Meal Allowance
You choose whether you want access to the all-you-care-to-eat residential restaurants Monday through Friday or every day of the week. After that, you can use your card once every 30 minutes to enter either residential restaurant on those specified days.

Weekly Meal Allowance

All-you-care-to-eat breakfast/lunch/dinner meals available per week. Weekly meals reset every Sunday night, so make sure to use them all in the week that they are assigned.

Semester Meal Allowance
All-you-care-to-eat breakfast/lunch/dinner meals available per semester. Semester meals reset at the end of each semester. If you have leftover meals, they will not rollover to the next semester.

Cougar Cash
Cougar Cash supplements your meal allowance and can be used at all of our retail locations on campus, including the food courts in UC and Satellite and the C3 and Cougar Xpress Market stores around campus.

  • Cougar Cash is not a loan.
  • Cougar Cash can be used at eating establishments across campus.
  • Cougar Cash discount of 10% when used in the residential dining halls.
  • Cougar Cash balance rolls forward from semester to semester as long as it is being actively used.
  • Cougar Cash can be replenished online. 
    • There are now two options on how to purchase Cougar Cash. You can pay with a debit/credit card if you purchase in increments of $50, or you can add it to your tuition bill by buying a Cougar Cash Meal plan for $300, $500, $800, or $1000.
  • Browse our Meal Plan options on the Residential, Commuter and Faculty/Staff pages! Each page has infomation to help you make a meal plan purchase now!



Got a question?
Please check our FAQs...or contact us. We are happy to assist you with your meal plan questions!

How To Sign Up

Click Here to choose a plan or add Cougar Cash to an existing plan!

Just follow the steps below!

  • Click the button above to visit AccessUH.
  • Enter your login ID and PW.
  • Commuters use this guide on purchasing a meal plan.
  • Residents meal plan selection rolls over from fall semester selection.
  • Both residents and commuters use this guide to change a meal plan.
  • Visit the fee bill to pay for your plan by the payment deadline.