How To Sign Up

Click Here to choose a plan or add Cougar Cash to an existing plan!

Just follow the steps below!

  • Click the button above to visit AccessUH.
  • Enter your login ID and PW.
  • Commuters use this guide on purchasing a meal plan.
  • Residents select "MyHousing" to fill out your housing application and add a plan.
  • Both residents and commuters use this guide to change a meal plan.
  • Visit the fee bill to pay for your plan by the payment deadline.
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Meal Plans - Frequently Asked Questions

If I don't use all of my meals in one period (week/semester depending on the plan), do they carry over to the following period?
Students: Meal blocks do NOT carry over from one period to the next. It is important that you select the right plan to fit your schedule and your eating habits to ensure that you get the full value for your dollars. Meal blocks are non-refundable and expire on the earlier of the last day of the cycle (weekly or semesterly based on plan) or the last day of enrollment.
Faculty/Staff: Faculty and staff meal blocks DO carry over from month to month. Unused meal blocks are non-refundable and expire on the last day of employment.

What happens to my unused Cougar Cash at the end of the semester?
Your unused Cougar Cash transfers from semester to semester as long as your account remains active (you are enrolled in classes). Cougar Cash is non-refundable and unused Cougar Cash expires on the last day of enrollment, so be sure to spend it before you leave!

How many meals can I eat in a day?
With block or lifestyle meal plans, you may swipe your card for entry into the dining halls up to 4 times per day. With an All-Access plan, you may swipe your card for entry into the dining halls once every 30 minutes - up to 34 times a day depending on the hours of operation.

Can I add Cougar Cash without buying a meal plan?
Yes and no. You must buy a meal plan the first time you want to add Cougar Cash to your card. However, every time after that you can simply add more Cougar Cash to your account without purchasing another meal plan. Add more Cougar Cash online by visiting and selecting "Cougar Card".

Can I change my Meal Plan?

Students: Yes. Students may make one change to their meal plan before the twelfth class day. This can be done by logging in to AccessUH and selecting "Cougar Card". Students requesting changes/adjustments to their meal plan after the twelfth class day must fill out a petition for review by the Cougar Card Office. Please allow fifteen (15) business days for review. Approved changes and/or adjustments will be effective as of the date approved.
Faculty/Staff: Faculty and staff can change their plan at any time by visiting the Cougar Card office in the Welcome Center Parking Garage.

Where can I use my meal plan?
You can use your meal blocks (swipes) at our on-campus all-you-care-to-eat residential restaurants located in Moody Towers or Cougar Woods. Cougar Cash works as a debit card at any dining locations or convenience stores on campus. Purchases are subtracted from your account.

Can I treat a friend to a meal?
If you have a Lifestyle or Block plan you may use a swipe to treat a friend to a meal in the dining halls as long as you are also eating. Remember, though you are only allowed 4 swipes per day! However, if you have an All-Access plan you may not use one of your swipes to treat a friend to a meal. Instead, you can use one of the designated guest passes that came with your meal plan. Additionally, anyone can use Cougar Cash to treat a friend to a meal.

Where can I purchase a meal plan?
Students: Meal plans can be purchased online at Residential students will select a meal plan as part of their housing application and can only make changes until the 12th class day. Commuter students can choose a meal plan under the "Cougar Card" section in AccessUH and can purchase a plan at any time during the semester. 
Faculty/Staff: Faculty and staff can purchase a meal plan at any time at the Cougar Card office.

How can I pay for my meal plan?

Students: After purchasing a meal plan, students can pay for their meal plans in person at the cashier's office in the Welcome Center with cash, check or money order. Students can also pay online on with a credit card (AmEx, Discover or Mastercard only) or e-check. You can use financial aid money to pay for your meal plan.Your meal plan cannot be included in a 90 day deferment plan, but it can be included in the 45 day deferment plan if you qualify. It can also be included in the Installment plan option.
Faculty/Staff: Faculty and staff can only pay for a meal plan via payroll deduction which is set up automatically when the meal plan is purchased.

What do I do if my Cougar Cash runs low?
Add Cougar Cash to your account online by logging in to and selecting "Cougar Card." There are now two options on how to purchase Cougar Cash. You can pay with a debit/credit card if you purchase in increments of $50, or you can add it to your tuition bill by buying a Cougar Cash Meal plan for $300, $500, $800, or $1000.

What if I lose my Cougar One Card?
Lost cards must be reported immediately to the Cougar Card office at 832-842-2273 or 832-842-CARD. New cards can be issued at the Cougar Card office or temporary cards can be issued through UHPD if the Cougar Card office is closed.