Hungry After Class? We have you covered. 

Featuring SUBWAY®, Starbucks, Bène Pizza & Pasta, Grille Works, Wings, as well as daily soup selections, a salad bar, and a full service C3 convenience store, downtown campus has what you need to get through the day.  The Downtown Food Court is located in the Frio Street Building.

 Downtown meal options for a meal plan swipe

Monterey Cafe is located on the first floor of the Monterey Building.

Farid Chishty

Phone number: 210-458-2785

(Subject to change for holidays and university breaks)


Downtown Spring 2014 Hours of Operation - Jan 13 - May 9
(Hours subject to change for University Holidays and Finals)

                                      Monday-Thursday            Friday                   Sat and Sun

Pizza and Pasta               10am-8pm                  10am-2pm               closed

C3                                      7am-8pm                     7am-2pm                closed

Grille Works                       7am-7pm                     7am-2pm                closed

Home Zone                        11am-2pm                 11am-2pm               closed


Subway                              7am-8pm                   7am-2pm                 closed

Starbucks                           7am-9pm                   7am-5pm                 closed

Monterey Cafe                    7am-3pm                 7am-1:30pm            closed