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Campus dining fosters a fun and social environment with convenience and variety for all taste.  Use the wi-fi and our locations to hang out and create a lasting, memorable experience here at UTSA.  

Browse our site to get a taste of the innovative creations we have in store for you at our many locations on campus, including (NEW) Mooyah, (NEW) Pizza Hut,
Chilis Too, SUBWAY, Taco Cabana, Chick-fil-A, Extreme Pita, and more!

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POR VIDA served at the Roadrunner Cafe! 


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TerraCycle 'Upcycling' Program
Frito Lay chip bags and Mars candy wrappers can now be returned to the C3 Store and JPL Food Court as part of our campus 'upcycling' program. Read more on our
sustainability page.

Drink Up, Drink Often...but use the SAME CUP!
Get your Green Thread reusable cup for $4.99 and enjoy unlimited 99¢ refills wherever fountain drinks are sold on campus. Cups are now available for purchase at the C3 Store, Chili's Too, Pod Express, JPL Food Court and the Downtown Food Court. Visit the sustainability page for our Green Thread reusable cup FAQ's.

Eco To-Go is available at the Roadrunner Cafe.
Enjoy the flexibility of takeout without all the waste. All members of the UTSA community can sign up for this innovative to-go program. Learn more on our
sustainability page.


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Are you looking for a place to eat, study or take a break between classes?  Click on our campus dining map icon to see what we have to offer...we have great food around every corner!


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