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Eating Healthy on Campus

Eating healthy in The Garden Room can be easily accomplished with the assortment of eateries available.  Just remember to watch your portion sizes and intake of fried foods, cheese, and creamy sauces.  Here are some suggestions:

  • At Bené Pizzeria, you can create your own pasta dish using chicken and marinara sauce
  • Order fajitas with chicken or portabella mushrooms at Tortilla Fresca
  • Check out the “Live Well” sandwiches all available at Montague’s Deli; all containing less than 10 grams of fat
  • You can also create your own sandwich from a variety of meats and sauces at Montague’s Deli;  stick with low-fat options like a turkey sandwich or a veggie sandwich with light dressing
  • Don’t forget to check out the Salad Garden with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits; watch out for the creamy high-fat  dressings! 

Snack Time!

Stop by any of our dining locations and find healthy in-between meal options to tide you over until your next meal!  Here are just a few samples of what you can find around campus:

  • Fresh fruit smoothes available at Baker's Dozen, all of which can be made with our NSA Smoothie Mix
  • Fresh whole fruit from The Garden Room and Java CIty
  • Heart Healthy items such as Kashi Bars, Smart Heart Cereals, Premium Juices, Yogurt and Meal Replacement Bars can be found at all of our retail dining locations


Heathy Dining in The Underground

  • Take advantage of the fresh fruits and grains offered at the salad bar!  You should get five cups of fruits and vegetables per day and six servings of grains per day.
  • Always watch your portion sizes!  Chicken, fish and meat entrees should be no larger than a deck of cards.  Pasta and rice servings should be the size of an ice cream scoop.

Meet our ARAMARK District Dietitian, Sarah Drake

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed in the State of Texas.  She holds a BS in Dietetics with a specialization in Health Promotion from Michigan State University and completed her Dietetic Internship through Loyola University Chicago.  Sarah is currently enrolled at Stephen F. Austin State University as a graduate student in the Human Sciences Department.  She is currently writing her thesis on the impact of produce exposure on young children ages 3 to 5 years old.  She will graduate in May 2013 with an MS in Human Sciences – Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics from Stephen F. Austin State University.

Sarah has experience in counseling in chronic disease self-management and weight management.  She has worked as a Clinical Dietitian for Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler, Texas and as an Outpatient Dietitian focused on Diabetes Self-Management education for the Community Health Coalition of Caldwell County/Seton Healthcare Family in Austin, Texas.  On the side, Sarah has also authored freelance nutrition articles, worked PRN for Tyler ContinueCare Hospital in Tyler, Texas, and worked as a nutrition consultant for a non-profit – Project H.E.A.T. (Healthy Eating Action Team), Inc. – based out of Chandler, Texas whose outreach is focused on encouraging young children to eat fruits and vegetables.  In her spare time Sarah loves cooking and baking, going to spin classes, and traveling

For any nutrition-related questions, you can contact her at (936) 468-1022 or