Welcome to campus dining TWU style!
Students on these plans can enjoy dining at The Underground, the main resident dining facility which is located in the Student Union. The Garden Room, Baker's Dozen, Chick-fil-A, Java City and C3 @ the Commons all accept dining dollars.  Each of the plans listed below will fulfill the meal plan requirement.

Residential Meal Plans 
8 Meal Plan and $125 Dining Dollars
$1,275 (plus tax) per semester
25 bonus meals*

8 Meal Plan and $220 Dining Dollars
$1,375 (plus tax) per semester
25 bonus meals*

10 Meal Plan and $200 Dining Dollars
$1,460 (plus tax) per semester
25 bonus meals*

12 Meal Plan and $250 Dining Dollars
$1,525lus tax) per semester
25 bonus meals*

University Plan
$1,590 plus tax) per semester

*Bonus meals are included in the meal plan so you are able to treat a guest at the Residential Restaurant.

Resident Meal Plan FAQs

Do unused meals carry over to the following week?

No. Plan to use your meals each week. We can help you decide on the right plan to fit your schedule and eating habits, ensuring that you get the full value for your dollars.


Can I change my dining plan?

Yes. During the first week of fall and spring semester, you have the opportunity to change to a smaller Dining Membership. Dining Membership increases can be made at any time.  Simply visit the ID Office in Jones Hall and fill out a Dining Plan Change Form.

Can I treat a friend by using two “meals” in a meal period?

All-you-care-to-eat meals are only for your use and you may use only one meal per meal period. If you would like to treat a friend, you have the option of purchasing additional meals using Dining Dollars.

What do I do when my Dining Dollars run low?

Reload. Simply add additional Dining Dollars to your account with cash, check, money order or credit card by visiting the Housing Office (located in Jones Hall) or call 940-898-3565.

Can I use meal plan Dining Dollars or the University Plan to make purchases in the TWU Bookstore?

No, the TWU Bookstore does not accept meal plan dining dollars for purchases, but they do accept the TWU Pioneer account.

What is the TWU Pioneer account?

The Pioneer account is an ID card debit account that can be used around campus to make purchases at the TWU Bookstore, Student Health Services, Xerox copiers, DPS, the Garden Room, Chick-fil-A, The Baker's Dozen, CFO Kiosk, the Commons C-Store, the Underground, etc.  

If I have a food allergy or require a special diet, who can answer my questions?

The facility manager can offer assistance to any customer who have temporary diet concerns.  Customers requiring long term special diets should contact the Food Service Director (940) 898-3663 to review the dietary requirements.  

How do I sign up?

It’s easy. Simply complete the enrollment section on your Housing/Foodservice application form.