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SFA Dining Sustainbility?

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Brigid Gregory

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SFA Dining, Bleed Purple, Think Green!


SFA Dining is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and is  engaged in following sustainable initiatives in an effort to embrace our social responsibility and become more sustainable. 

SFA Dining reduces its carbon footprint by analyzing the environmental, economic and social impacts of its actions.

What we are doing to lower our carbon footprint...






Recycle 100% of our fryer oil

A Partner with the 
Meatless Monday Campaign

Trayless Dining Facilities

Eco To-Go
(reusable container program)

recycled_napkins back_house_composting cardboard_recycling

Purchase napkins made of 100% recycled content

Pre-consumer composting of fruits & veggies

Recycle Cardboard Onsite

Support SFA in Recyclemania




Dining in the Dark
with ODK

Always offer 
vegetarian & vegan

Educate the
SFA community 

A Partner with
the PB&J campaign

Meet our Sustainability Specialist! 
Brigid will assist Dining Services in implementing sustainable initiatives and celebrating sustainability on campus.

Brigid graduated in May 2013 from The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, with a Bachelor of Science in Energy, Business and Finance and minors in Environmental Science Inquiry and Sustainable Leadership. During her time at Penn State she interned for 5 semesters at the Penn State Campus Sustainability Office (CSO). Brigid worked on many projects at the CSO including the Eco-Reps Program, a LCA study of polystryene vs. compostable dining take-away containers, and a campus-wide composting implementation plan. In addition to her internship at Penn State, she has worked for the following organizations: The University of Delaware's Center for Carbon-Free Power Integration, The Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia, and The Philadelphia Water Department's Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center. 

Brigid is passionate about environmental protection and improvement. She loves the outdoors.  Brigid is also a semi-professional voice musician and has 8 years of professional training. 

Have questions, comments or ideas about SFA Dining sustainability? 
Contact Brigid Gregory at:
936-468-6057  or email: