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Nutrition Tips from our Dietitian

Food is your fuel. The foods you choose to eat can help you live a healthier life. Eating healthfully and making positive food choices on campus are not as hard as it may seem! SFA Campus Dining believes in providing you with a variety of nutritious choices every day. Here are some nutrition tips to help you fuel right:

Do not skip breakfast.  Breakfast is important for jump-starting your metabolism and giving you the energy you need to get through your day.  Our dining halls offer nutritious options such as made-to-order omelets (egg whites available), yogurt, fresh fruit, oatmeal, and low fat or fat free milk.

Eat several servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Both of our dining hall locations feature a fresh salad bar daily.
  • Not sure how to get your veggies in today? You can create a delicious, healthful salad at any of our Salad Stations! Choose from plenty of fresh, colorful produce to create just the right salad. 

          Click here for great salad ideas, all created from our Salad Stations!

In the mood for a sandwich or burger?  Build a better one today! First, start with whole wheat bread and buns.  Next, choose a lean protein such as chicken, turkey, or fish.  Then, top with lots of veggies and skip the cheese.  Finally, avoid sauces that are high in calories and fat such as mayonnaise.  Instead, choose yellow mustard or hummus.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water! The Hydration Station at East College has water flavored with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Get moving! Physical activity is essential to your cardiovascular health, strengthening your immune system, and releasing stress.

Moderation is the key! There is no magic food that will cause weight loss or weight gain. Eat a variety of foods in balance to reach healthy success! 

Follow the Healthy Jacks eating plan to balance your diet!     

Check out the Wellness Walk for more nutrition tips, tricks, and facts!  




Healthy Eating in the Retail Locations

 Here are a few tips on how to make your retail meals on campus a little healthier:

  • Breakfast on-the-go from our C3 Store:  Skip the sugary cereal.  Next time, look for a cereal that is lower in sugar (6 grams or less) and top it with low fat or fat free milk.  We also offer yogurt and fresh fruit for an on-the-go snack.

  • Veg out:  Make vegetables a priority the next time you dine out.  Get a  salad that is loaded with fresh vegetables of varying colors.  Ask to go light on the cheese and choose oil-based dressing on the side.  Bonus tip: Eat your vegetables and lean protein (baked or grilled) first.  You are less likely to fill up on empty calories if you eat this way.

  • Ask questions:  Be an informed diner.  Many locations have the option of baked instead of fried, a side salad or fruit in place of french fries, or a whole wheat bun instead of a white bun.    

  • You can put a "better for you" spin on meals in our retail locations as well!  Click the images below for ideas on how to make health-conscious choices while dining in our retail locations.



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Preparing for your first semester at SFA? Do you have nutrition questions or concerns? Contact us at (936) 468-1022 or email our Registered Dietitian, Sarah Drake, at