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Sustainable Food:
Our food choices have a
significant impact on our
health, culture,
environment, and local
and global economies...
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Whatever you're looking for, it's not far away! Thanks to our locations across campus, we've got you covered wherever you go! Find out more about what's available on campus by searching our website.

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Want a meal plan?

1. Log onto Gateway:
2. Enter Student ID & Password (parent or student can do this)
3. Go to Resources Tab
4. Look under Department Offices
... 5. Click on Business Office
6. Click on meal plan form on the right
7. Drop off form at the Business Office or email attachment to


Located in the Blume Library

located inside the University Center. 
Come by and enjoy the great taste of Chick-fil-A.

What's new on campus?
    *Chick-fil-A has breakfast items!!!!

Eco To-Go is available at the Diamondback Cafe.
Enjoy the flexibility of takeout without all the waste. All members of the St. Mary's community can sign up for this innovative to-go program. Learn more on our sustainability page.


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