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Meal Plans

Flexibility makes it easy to get the most value out of your plan. There are two parts to each meal plan, which you can customize when you sign up:

Weekly Meal Allowance
You choose how many all-you-care-to-eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals you want to eat in our Residential Restaurant, and include them in your plan.

Cub Cash
 (formerly known as Declining Balance Dollars)
You choose how many additional dollars you want to have for the semester. Cub Cash supplements your weekly meal allowance and can be used at all of our service locations on campus.

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 Unlimited Fountain Drinks at all Southeastern Louisiana University Campus Dining Retail Locations
For only $100/semester, students will have an all-access pass sticker added to their Student ID
An average student buys Two Fountain Drinks/Day, which would cost $240 at regular cost. That is $140 in savings!


Once you have a meal plan, your student ID works like a debit card. Just swipe your card and the meal charge is deducted from your account automatically.


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