Summer 2014
Dining Hours (Click Here):
South Paw,
Paw Print and
Newton Gresham Library

Summer 2014 Dining Hours (Click Here):
Old Main Market

Old Main Market

Come in and join us for a meal!

Breakfast: $6.95, plus tax

$7.95, plus tax

$8.95, plus tax

$10.95, plus tax


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 Jack C. Parker Dining Room
The Jack C. Parker Dining Room is reserved for SHSU Faculty and Staff during all business hours. This room gives Faculty and Staff a way to get away from the busy-ness of the day and enjoy a meal with colleagues and friends.
This room can be separated into two independent dining rooms, with one being available for general reservations. Anyone is able to reserve one half of this room, at any time during business hours. Only one of the two rooms may be reserved at any given point in time, to allow for the other room to be used by SHSU Faculty and Staff. To check reservation availability and to make a reservation, please contact the front desk at (936) 294-1914.