Midwestern State University Catering Services can help you plan a specific style for your every need. We can help you plan any size event, from the very simple to the very elaborate, for just a few people or a large gathering, on or off campus we can assist in designing a menu to make your event successful.

Right now, all of our menu information can be obtained upon request. Please feel free to call (940) 397-4203 or email our Office Manager, Tanya Jordan at: tanya.jordan@mwsu.edu

If your event is on campus, to ensure room availability, you must first reserve a room through the Clark Student Center Website or call them at (940) 397-4224.  After reserving the room,  contact us at (940) 397-4203.  If you are not booking your event on campus, then just contact us directly by phone at (940) 397-4203 to make your catering arrangements.