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Resident Plans

Fighting Tiger Plan - 19 meals per week designed for those with big appetites.  This plan provides you with 3 meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner (Monday - Friday).  Brunch and Dinner on Saturday and Sunday.  Included in this plan is $200 in Tiger Bucks.
$1517 per semester

GSU Pleaser - 14 meals per week plus $260 in Tiger Bucks.  This plan is for those who have a moderate appetite and who are always moving.  This plan provides you with fourteen (14) meals per week with our choice of any two meal periods.
$1517 per semester

Black & Gold - 7 all-you-care-to-eat-meals per week and $450 in Tiger Bucks.  This plan is available only to students living in Drew Hall, Richmond Hall, and Steeples Glen.  
$1517 per semester.


Commuter Plans

Why should I sign up for a meal plan?  There are lots of advantages...
->Security of guaranteed all-you-care-to-eat meals
->No worries about carrying cash or leaving campus for meals
->Opportunity to enjoy some of the same dining privileges as resident students
->Lots of great food to choose from
->And of course, a 5% bonus on the initial purchase of a Declining Balance Plan
Short on cash!!! Meal Plans can be purchased with a voucher.

What are my choices?

Here-n-Now - 2 All you care to eat meals per week (meals are eaten in McCall Dining Hall) plus $100.00 in *Tiger Bucks - Availaible to off campus students.  $295 per semester
*Commuters may add Tiger Bucks to their Tiger One Card, which may be used at any of our locations.

Tiger Bucks - Declining balance that is added to students' GSU ID Cards. It can be used at any location within Tiger Express, the C3 Express stores and Cash Street.   Tiger Bucks can also be used to pay for extra meals in the cafeteria. Money can be added to your Tiger Bucks account easily by visiting the McCall Dining Hall office or online.

* For more information check out the ARAMARK Dining Service booth during registration. 



Got a question?

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