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Dining Memberships make your life simpler!
A magnetic stripe on the back of your Wofford ID card works with our computer system to identify you as a dining plan member.  Membership is easy, economical and helps you acclimate to your busy campus lifestyle.  

Based on several combinations of "Weekly Meal Allowances"  and "Terrier Bucks" (declining balance dollars), memberships come in lots of shapes and sizes.  You can find one that's sized right for you.  

Weekly Meal Allowance
Know where your next meal is coming from.  The weekly meal allowance lets you enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining for breakfast, lunch, dinner in the residential restaurant.  You receive a certain number of guaranteed meals per week.  Each time you eat in the residential restaurant, one meal is subtracted from your week's meal allowance.  Choose the number of meals based on your eating habits and campus schedule.  

Terrier Bucks (Declining Balance Dollars)
Pay as you go.  Terrier Bucks work like bank debit cards.  Each time you make a purchase, the total is subtracted from the balance in your account.  

Dining Memberships
Resident students must select one of the three dining memberships offered.  Memberships are available to commuting students, too.  It makes the daily details of campus life much simpler. 

There are lots of pluses...

  • Security of guarenteed all-you-care-to-eat meals and the flexibility of a la carte purchasing.
  • Time Saving services
  • Great food choices with lots of variety
  • Socializing experiences with other campus residents

What are my Choices?

Meals Per Week

Fall & January Terms
Terrier Bucks

Spring Term Terrier Bucks

All Access Meal Plan

$130 Terrier Bucks

$110 Terrier Bucks


15 Meals per Week


$195 Terrier Bucks



$155 Terrier Bucks

12 Meals per Week

$270 Terrier Bucks

$220 Terrier Bucks

The Village Plan*

$510 Terrier Bucks

$415 Terrier Bucks

 Commuter Plan
50 Meals/

                          $150 Terrier Bucks
                               Price = $410
                                  Commuters Only

Commuter Plan
100 Meals

Price = $510

Commuters Only