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Wingate University Meal Plans
Wingate's meal plans are designed to meet your lifestyle needs and provide you access to all the delicious options Wingate Dining Services has to offer!

Residential Meal Plans

19 Meals per Week + $155 Bulldog Bucks

Offers 19 meals per week and $155 Bulldog Bucks per semester 


14 Meals per Week + $305 Bulldog Bucks

Offers 14 meals and $305 Bulldog Bucks per semester 

10 Meals per Week + $355 Bulldog Bucks
Offers 10  meals per week and $355 Bulldog Bucks per semester

7 Meal per Week + $405 Bulldog Bucks
Offers 7 meals per week and $405 Bulldog Bucks per semester

*Freshman & Sophomores must choose the 19 and 14 plans. Juniors & Seniors may choose from any of the plans listed above.

Commuter Student Plans

25 Block Plan
25 all you care to eat meals/semester in W.T. Harris Dining Hall
$175 Bulldog Bucks/semester to use in the retail locations
Cost: $300 ($320.25 with 6.75% NC Sales Tax)

Commuter Bulldog Bucks Plan                            
$300 Bulldog Bucks 
Cost: $300 ($320.25 with 6.75% NC Sales Tax)

$100 Bulldog Bucks                              
Add $100 in Bulldog Bucks
Cost: $100 ($106.75 with 6.75% NC Sales Tax)

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Meals can be used for an all-you-care to eat meal at W.T. Harris Dining Hall or for a combo meal at the Klondike.  Meals are alloted on a weekly basis for residential plans and on a semester block basis for commuters purchasing the 25 Block Plan.   

Bulldog Bucks

Bulldog Bucks that are associated with the meal plan may be used in any dining location. Please note that Bulldog Bucks associated with your meal plan are non-refundable and expire at the end of each semester. Add on Bulldog Bucks may be used in any dining location as well as the Wingate University Bookstore.

Bulldog Bucks can be purchased at any time during the academic year in $25 increments.  Just click the Buy Online Now tab above to purchase yours today!


If you have additional questions, please contact Wingate Dining Services at

(704) 233-8031 or email your question to liersaph-lexie@aramark.com