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Sustainability Initiatives at WFU

What is Sustainability?

Simply put, sustainability is the capacity to endure.  In order to ensure that our future generations are able to meet their needs, we must act in sustainably responsible ways, being conscious of all that we do.  Sustainability encompasses all walks of life, from the natural environment to urban planning to health care.

Our goal at Dining Services is to help make Wake Forest a more sustainable institution.  Through new initiatives, we hope to change the mindsets of our diners and encourage the students, faculty, and staff of WFU to contribute to a sustainable life on campus.  We ask for your cooperation with this important issue.

Please explore this sustainability webpage to find out what Wake Forest Dining Services is doing and how you can help!

What we are currently doing to be more sustainable:

  • Began donating coffee grounds from all locations to Facilities for use in Campus Landscaping
  • Implemented mandatory Reusable To-Go Program at the Pit, eliminating 100% of our styrofoam products
  • Offer recycled content and compostable products in Benson Student Center at all available retail concepts
  • Recycled 100% for our Fryer Oil...used for Biodiesel Fuels
  • Trayless Dining saves us 900 gallons of water per day...198,000 gallons of water per school year
  • Saved almost 20,000 bottles from going into the landfill with our Bulk Condiment Dispensers in Fresh Food Co.
  • Offer Fair Trade Coffee in Starbucks and in the Fresh Food Company
  • Offer "Green Catering" options through Posh Plate Catering
  • Introduced "Green Cleaning" equipment reducing our chemical usage by 65% for cleaning purposes
    and much more!

For more information on Wake Forest University's commitment to sustainability, please visit the Office of Sustainability website.

Questions about Sustainability in Dining?
Contact:  Andrew Lee  




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