Salem Dining Service is doing the following things to be more environmentally responsible:

Sustainable Foods:

  • Member of the NC 10% Campaign (
  • Member of Goodness Grows in NC (
  • Fair Trade Coffee (Java City brand)
  • Local produce is purchased through Fresh Point
  • Locally Baked Goods
  • Local Dairy Products
  • Natural & Organic food purchasing
  • 100% of seafood meets Monterey Bay Seafood Watch guidelines for sustainable seafood
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Vegan Options
  • Salem College has an herb garden which provides fresh herbs year round to enhance the flavor of foods prepared in the Refectory and for catering services.

Waste Stream Management:

  • Reusable To Go Containers
  • Reusable Cup/ Mug Program
  • Refillable Condiment Containers
  • Single Serve Napkin and Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Print & Copy Double-Sided
  • Recycle Paper and Cardboard 
  • Fryer Oil Recycling Program
  • RecylcleMania Participation
  • China vs. Single Use Disposables
  • Filtered Water Station
  • Trayless Dining
  • Composting:  Pre-& Post- Consumer Waste

Responsible Purchasing:

  • Recycled Content Napkins
  • Recycled Content Office Paper
  • Energy Star Computers
  • Digital Signage
  • Compostable Trash Can Liners


  • Electric Golf Cart

Education & Awareness:

  • Sustainability Website
  • Earth Week Celebration