The Snack Shop features...

— a full-service Chick-fil-A with a menu that includes breakfast, freshly-made salads, chicken sandwiches and nuggets.

Papa John’s — offering a range of pizza, wings and breadsticks made on location

Chin Chin Asian Cafe - offering a range of entrees and sides

Brody’s Grille — offering snacks in the evening

f’real milkshake machine (located in the POD) — create your own milkshakes in 1 of 15 flavors

POD — take snacks for later in the day

You can purchase food using cash, credit or Bruins Bucks.

Bruins Bucks
Bruins Bucks are a pre-paid declining-balance account used in retail dining locations on campus. The residential meal plan now includes $125 Bruins Bucks.

For residence hall students, regular dining common meals are still included in room and board. You can purchase Bruins Bucks for purchases in the retail locations on campus (Snack Shop, The Growl and Cuppa Jones).

For day students, faculty and staff, you can use Bruins Bucks to purchase meals in the dining common and the retail locations on campus (Snack Shop, The Growl and Cuppa Jones).

Bruins Bucks allows students, faculty and staff to swipe their ID card at any campus retail dining location.

To purchase Bruins Bucks online, create an account by clicking on the upper right hand side of the page and log in. Once you've created an account and/or logged in, you can click on Bruins Bucks to make an online purchase.


Dining Hours 
Fall 14

General Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday  7:30am-10pm
Saturday  11:30am-10pm
Sunday  7pm-9pm

Monday - Friday
Sunday: Closed

Papa John's
Monday - Friday
Saturday Closed
Sunday 7pm-9pm

Chin Chin Asian Cafe
Monday - Friday

Brody's Grille
Monday - Friday
Saturday & Sunday: Closed