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Meal Plans

How do Meal Plans work at West Georgia?  
Meal Plans are geared to give you the most convenient and economical way to eat on campus!  With 8 plans to choose from, there is a plan for every budget and schedule.  Your meal plan will be on your student ID card and works just like a debit card.

There are many of advantages...
- Security of guaranteed meals at any time on campus.
- You never have to worry about carrying cash.
- Lots of great food to choose from.
- Convenience of never having to go off campus to eat
- Adding to the college experience 

What kind of plans are offered?

Weekly Meal Allowance

The meal allowance is offered in six meal plan selections.  It gives you the opportunity to enjoy all-you-care-to-eat dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Z-6 Dining Hall and East Commons Dining Hall.  You receive a specified number of guaranteed meals per week each semester, based on the plan you select.  Each time you eat at the Z-6 or East Commons, one meal is subtracted from your weekly meal balance.  You may choose the number of meals based on your desired eating habits and academic schedule.  

Block Meal Memberships
Block Meals provide you money-saving all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester at the Z-6 Dining Hall or East Commons Dining Hall.  Simply present your student ID Card and the meal will be deducted from the balance in your account.

Dining Dollars
West Georgia Dining Dollars work on the same principle as bank debit cards.  Each time you make a food purchase, the total cost of your meal is subtracted from the dollar balance in your account.  You may use them in all dining locations on campus and in the POD Market convenience stores.

Click on the tab on the left "Meal Plan Options" for more detailed information.  



Got a question?

A variety of questions are answered over at frequently asked questions!