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Dining Dollars
Additional Dollars can be added to Dining Dollars at ANYTIME, minimum of $15.00.  We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

How to add Dining Dollars:

Add instantly  ONLINE now
Visit Room 108 in
Presidential Court Building

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Mini Term and Summer Dining Dollar Plans

Mini Term Dining Option 2014 - $100 Dining Dollars
    $100 to be used in all Volunteer Dining locations
Mini Term Dining Dollars will roll into the Summer Dining Dollar Plan if the student is enrolled in Summer Classes.

Summer Dining Option 2014 - $200 Dining Dollars
    $200 Dining Dollars to be used in all Volunteer Dining locations.

Summer and Miniterm Meal Plan locations:
Please check our Hours of Operation for the Open Location Nearest You!

Summer Dining Dollar Plans end at the end of the Summer Session.