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Summer Flex Plan
Add Flex Bucks for a 10% bonus!

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$50      $5
$100    $10 

$200    $20

Plus, add $100 or more and get 5 FREE Chick-fil-A sandwiches!

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Fall 2015 Meal Plans
Who are you?  Please Choose One:

Resident Student (On-Campus) 

Commuter Student (Off-Campus)   

Faculty & Staff
*Faculty/Staff plan does not include 15 Bonus Meals

Lambuth Student

Never go hungry. Always have a plan.
A meal plan offers you real value, real convenience, flexibility and variety ... and helps you save your cash for better things!

So easy...just swipe and dine!
When you have a plan, your Campus Card works like a debit card. Just swipe it, and the meal or Flex Bucks are automatically deducted from your account.


Flex Plans Coming Soon!