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Meet the Green Team! 
Coordinator - Eden Wetherell

UCF Dining Services is very proud of our passionate employee Green Team!

Employees from Einstein Bros. Bagels, BK Whopper Bar, Java City, Seattle’s Best, Chick-fil-A, Knightstop Convenience Store, Marketplace and Knightro’s meet bi-weekly to learn about the six ARAMARK Green Thread Pillars of Sustainability: Waste Management, Sustainable Food, Energy and Water Conservation, Responsible Procurement, Transportation and Green Building.

We work together to continually develop and implement sustainable solutions at the University of Central Florida. We call these programs and policies Green Thread as they weave throughout our business operations every day!

2012 Green Team Picture COMING SOON! 

Our 2012 Goals for UCF Dining Sustainability:

·         To assess and track our food waste across all locations to better understand the impact our food waste has on the environment and to determine ways to reduce food waste; and to train all personnel on techniques for food waste reduction both at work and at home.

·         To increase our partnerships both at the University of Central Florida and in the Central Florida community.

·         To evaluate our 2011 sustainable food purchasing decisions using the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Sustainability Tracking and reporting System (AASHE STARS) to find ways to increase our sustainable food options.

·         Implement tracking of recycling efforts with UCF Recycles to create a baseline for our dining locations, and increase current recycling efforts by increasing the amount of recycling units at the locations.

·         Conduct assessments with our suppliers to create an understanding of purchasing behaviors, and to establish purchasing guidelines for eco-friendly disposable purchasing, recycled content paper purchasing, green cleaning, and alternative packaging.

·         Align with UCF's American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment by developing an employee energy conservation on/off guide for lighting and appliances across UCF Dining locations so we use the absolute minimum energy necessary for our operations, tracking our potential savings and educating customers of our efforts with the help of UCF Department of Sustainability and Energy Management.

·         To encourage employees to use sustainable modes of transportation to get to work through by empowering them with resources through reThink employee rideshare program and the Emergency Ride Home Program funded by the Florida Department of Transportation.

·         Elevate education and awareness of our sustainability initiatives by making information more easily accessible through social media, and e-newsletters.

Our promise to you:
We will train our hourly employees and Managers in sustainability training sessions to increase employee recycling efforts and a general understandings of sustainability; expand our recycling program with UCF Recycles to include more locations, glass recycling, and tracking of our recycling rate for future improvement; reduce our disposable use across locations by at least 25% with a special focus on reducing Styrofoam use.


Food 4 Thought Video

For questions and concerns, please click here to access our online comment form for sustainability!

Contact information:
Eden Wetherell
Sustainability Coordinator