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Meal Plans - Frequently Asked Questions

Don't know which Meal Plan to pick?
Let the wizard decide!

How do I sign up?
Freshman - You can sign up Online, at the ID Center, 
located in the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies [Old AA Lobby] or at Orientation. All freshmen residents must enroll in a meal plan, if no plan is selected you will be automatically enrolled in the Rebel 25 Plus 1 plan.
Upper Classmen/Commuters - You can sign up Online, at the ID Center located, Chapel side of the JC or at Orientation.
Residential College South & Luckyday Residents- You are automatically assessed the RC Unlimited Plus 1. This meal plan gives you unlimited access to the Marketplace at the RC as well as 1 meal per day you can use at ANY Ole Miss Dining location.

Can I change my meal plan?
Freshman & Upper Classmen not living in Residential College South/Luckyday- Yes! You can change your plan during the first three weeks of the semester. The first meal plan change is free of charge but every change afterwards requires a $25 fee. Visit the ID Center, located in the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies [Old AA Lobby].
Residential College South & Luckyday residents - No, there is only one meal plan for the RC and every resident of the RC is automatically signed up.

Can I treat friends or family with my meals?
Yes! All freshmen meal plans allow you to treat up to 10 guests a semester with your meal plan. The guest meals are built in your existing meal plan. If you run out of guest meals you can always treat a guest on your Flex Dollars.
What is a Plus 1 meal?
Plus 1 meals are the newest enhancements to our meal plans. Plus 1 meals allows 1 meal per day at ANY Ole Miss Dining location for a $7 equivalence for menu purchases. This means that you have 1 meal per day that can be used at our locations such as: JC , Marketplace at The RC, The Grill at 1810 (breakfast & lunch), Starbucks, POD Martin/Stockard Market & Grill, POD Crosby Market, Burger Studio, Panda Express, Chick-Fil-A, Topio's, Toss It Up, McCormick Cafe, Subway, Southern Tsunami Sushi, Einstein's Anderson, Einstein's Law School, POD Lamar, C3 Express, Papa John's, POD Minor Hall, POD Express, and Pinkberry

Can I carry over my unused meals to the next semester?
Rebel Meal Plans - No, meals do not rollover. We can help you decide on the right meal plan to fit your schedule and eating habits ensuring that you get the full value for your dollars.
Plus 1 Meals- No, Plus 1 Meals reset to one meal each day.
JC Meal Plans - Yes!  JC 100 & JC 50 Meals and Flex never expire.

If I do not have a meal plan, can I still eat at the JC East?
Yes. The retail door price is $9.50 for lunch and $9.50 for dinner

What if I lose my Student ID?
Report lost or stolen cards to the ID Center or the University Police Department at 662.915.7234 to place a hold on your account. If a lost ID Card is not found, deactivate your card
HERE. Replacement cards require a $30 fee and account owner must present a valid ID to reinstate account.

What do I do if I run out of Flex Dollars?
Simple! Just add to your account. You can use cash, check, money order, or credit card. When you want to replenish your Flex Dollars, just go to the ID Center, 
located in the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies [Old AA Lobby]or Click HERE.

What if my retail meal exceeds $7.00?
Flex Dollars can be used to supplement your meals and will cover the additional charge. For example if you purchase a $7.50 meal at the Union your Flex dollars will be deducted .50 cents. You can also use cash, credit, or Ole Miss Express to cover the balance of your purchase.

How do I know how many meals or Flex I have left on my accounts?
You can view your meal and Flex balance at any dining location or the ID Center, 
located in the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies [Old AA Lobby]  or Click HERE.

Do I have to re-enroll for a Spring semester meal plan?
All members holding a meal plan for the fall semester will automatically be assessed for the same meal plan in the Spring semester, regardless of Greek affiliation. To change your meal plan between the fall and spring semester, go to OleMissDining.com or visit the ID Center, 
located in the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies [Old AA Lobby].

Is Flex Taxed?
Yes Flex Dollars are taxed just like cash, credit or Ole Miss Express.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at:
Ole Miss Dining 662.915.1467


ID Center 662.915.7423

Ole Miss Dining accepts Visa and Mastercard.