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Sustainability on Campus

ARAMARK Higher Education and Mercer Dining Services are committed to protecting the environment by utilizing resources that preserve and maintain a healthier way of life for our community, students, faculty and staff.

Mercer Dining Services is proud of our sustainability efforts on the Mercer University campus. 

Here are just a few of the things we do to a promote a "greener" atmosphere:

  • Trayless Dining: Mercer Dining is "trayless" to save energy and water by eliminating the need to wash trays.
  • Toby's Refill Cup: Purchase your own Refill Cup to help save on unnecassary cup use. Also recieve discount at any location on campus. Drink Local; Act Global. Save the world one cup at a time.
  • Recycling: We recycle cardboard, napkins, paper towels, office paper and used cooking oil. We also purchase recycled office paper.
  • Local produce: The Fresh Food Company is proud to support our local farmers.
    • We purchase in-season produce from growers located closest to Macon.  
      • Starbucks and Java City provide the fair trade and organic coffees we serve to you every day here on campus. 
      • Living Fresh R&G Farm provides the Fresh Food Company with it's heads of lettuce that are effectively grown in a climate-controlled greenhouse, feeding from nutrient-rich water regulated by a computer. The computer monitors the lettuce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while regulating temperature and humidity as well.
      • We purchase milk and bread locally.
  • Chemical usage: We use only environmentally friendly Green Seal chemicals.
  • Water and electricity: We practice modified usage of water and electricity.
  • Seafood advisory purchasing: We use Monterey Bay Seafood Advisory Purchasing to buy seafood. MBSA monitors seafood production to make sure all seafood purchased through MBSA is of the best quality for consumption.
  • Energy conservation: We are able to conserve energy by not turning on our dish washers until 9 a.m. each day.
    • We also use Energy Star appliances.

For more information on ARAMARK's Green Thread sustainability program, click on the 'Green Thread' tab under the 'Sustainability on Campus' tab.


Main Campus
1400 Coleman Avenue
Macon, Georgia 31210

Phone: 478.301.2925
Email: campusdish@mercer.edu