Maryville College Dining Services is seeking a proactive approach to provide vision and leadership in response to environmental stewardship for the Maryville College community. In an effort to become more sustainable and embrace our social responsibility we are actively engaging in the following initiatives:

  • Tray-less dining campus wide to promote waste minimization and water conservation
  • Recycle cardboard, cans, office paper, printer cartridges, computer and electronic equipment, plastics and aluminum cans
  • Purchase EPA compliant, decomposable/recycled products when possible
  • Using all natural EPA Compliant alternative napkins in our table dispensers
  • Use only recycled copy paper and Forest Stewardship Council certified stationary
  • "Duplex print" utilizing both sides of paper and send mail electronically when possible to minimize paper waste, as well as using scraps of paper for note taking
  • Turn off office/work area lights when not being used for more than two hours and electronic equipment when not in use for more than four hours
  • Recycle plastic bottles, aluminum cans and recyclable plastics at the Bartlett and Pearson’s Hall
  • Utilize recycling containers at catering events (typically at HIW and Pearson’s)
  • Utilize environmentally friendly trash can liners
  • Identify and serve sustainable, regionally locally grown, organic, and vegan items where possible
  • Articulate planning system to reduce delivery truck cycle and carbon emissions
  • Reduce landfill refuse through the use of pulverizing kitchen equipment
  • Shut down kitchen equipment during non-operating periods
  • Approved coffee grounds are available for collection from our Highland Grounds location to be used for composting or worm farming at MC
  • Trans-fat free Cooking oils are collected for recycling into alternate products
  • Eco-friendly detergents and chemicals are used in the dining locations purchased from Eco-lab Inc.
  • Sustainable seafood products are offered in the residential restaurants (Examples: US Catfish, Alaskan Pollock)
  • Toner and printer cartridges are taken to Bartlett for recycling
  • Proper disposal of computer, cell phone and electronic equipment for recycling
  • Compostable, non-Styrofoam, paper cups in Isaac’s Cafe
  • Fair Trade Coffee is offered in Highland Grounds, Isaac's and Pearsons
  • Eco-friendly hand towels are used in the dining locations
  • Implemented a “served” Home Line to increase the food quality of that line and other lines