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Nutritional Information
Serving Size     1 / 2 cup

amount per serving amount per serving
Calories 87.5 Vitamin A 13.32 IU
Protein 2.88 g Vitamin C 0 mg
Carbohydrate 15.95 g Calcium 14.71 mg
Cholesterol 18.39 mg Iron 0.93 mg
Sodium 10.27 mg Thiamin 0.18 mg
Fiber 0.76 g Riboflavin 0.09 mg
Total Fat 1.31 g Niacin 1.32 mg
Saturated Fat 0.26 g Potassium 26.46 mg
Folic Acid 53.26 mcg
Vitamin B6 0.03 mg
* Nutritional values can not be determined at this time.
The nutritional information on this site is for the serving size listed, based on adherence to the recipe, as developed and tested in our culinary center. Any changes from the recipe, such as changes to meet local taste preferences, product substitutions or serving size modifications will change the nutrient content of an item, and render the information inaccurate. We hope this information will help you meet your nutritional goals.