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Fall/Spring 2013 South Village Resident Contract

Fall/Spring 2013 North Lake Village Resident Contract

Fall/Spring 2013 West Lake Village Resident/Commuter Contract

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All Access
Meal Plans

Students have Any-time access during hours of operation at SoVi Dining. Meal Swipes also accepted at the Home Zone in the Cohen Center (1 meal swipe per meal period.) This plan is recommended for Students living in South Village and students who eat 3 or more times per day. There is no need to count meals and no extra cost to hang with your friends over ice cream. If you'd prefer to get out of your room or away from the library take your laptop and surf the net using free Wi-Fi while enjoying a snack. No worrying about how many meals you have used or have remaining


Meal Plans

Students have a designated number of all-you-care-to-eat meals per semester during hours of operation at SoVi Dining or Home Zone meals in the Cohen Center. This plan is great for students living in North Lake Village and students who eat a few large meals per day. Block plans come with Dining Dollars that are used at any of the dining locations on campus. This gives the students flexibility and options on how and where to eat.



Dining Dollar Meal Plans

This plan consists of Dining Dollars ONLY. Dining Dollars are accepted at all dining locations on campus. This plan is for students who are looking for a convenient alternative to the traditional meal plans above. The students Eagle ID would be used as a declining balance debit card with the amount of dollars being subtracted every transaction. Students residing in North Lake Village, West Lake Village and Commuters may buy this plan. 

Dining Dollars can be added at anytime to any plan. 
Dining Dollar Reloads can be completed on our secure, online ordering website. 
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