Door Rate Berry Dining spring 2015 General public:

Breakfast $5.75
Lunch $8.00
Dinner $9.00


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Meal Plans

Meal Membership Advantages
A Package as Easy as 1,2,3! 
Between attending classes, studying and personal responsibilities, who has time to worry about cooking, cleaning and shopping?  Relax, we know how you feel and we've put together some dining options just for you.  Meals in a plan membership are sold to you at a discount, instead of paying door prices at our locations.  And guarantees your student will get meals from the first day of class to the last day of exams so you won't be getting frantic calls to send money for food.

Meal plan memberships allow you to enjoy all the great dining privileges we have in store for you.  Your meal plan membership will give you unlimited buying potential and the ability to eat when and how you like.  It's safe - no need to carry cash on campus, easy - just scan and go!

How Meal Plans Work
Plan memberships come in many convenient shapes and sizes.  A magnetic stripe on the back of your student ID Card works with our computer system to identify you as a dining plan member.  By combining a "Weekly/ Semester Meal Allowance" with "Flex Bucks", you can choose a Berry plan that's right for you.  

Meal Membership Requirements
First year students living on campus must purchase the Unlimited Plan.  Second year students living on campus must purchase at least the Any 10 Plan.  All other traditional residence hall occupants must purchase at least the Any 7 Plan.  All other suite residents and all full-time commuter students must purchase at least the Flex Bucks Plan.  

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We are committed to providing quality food, service and value with innovative programs in order to meet your changing needs. Your satisfaction is our number-one priority.