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Sustainability on Campus

At Wheaton Dining, we believe in operating our dining program responsibly. To us, this means doing what it takes to help make our community and earth a better place for this generation and future generations. Some of the green initiatives include sustainable food and agriculture, earth-friendly procurement, energy conservation and waste management.

In conjunction with Wheaton College, ARAMARK is committed to supporting sustainability initiatives on campus.

Sustainable Food 

We are consistently sourcing local produce and ingredients to support local farmers and businesses whenever possible.

* We purchase local produce through local provider Costa Fruit and Produce out of Bunker Hill, MA, among others.
Please check out "local partners" above for entire list.

* We purchase bread from La Ronga Bakery in Boston, MA.

* We purchase milk products through HP Hood in Lynnfield, MA.

* We serve Equal Exchange Fair Trade coffee and tea in the Hood Cafe.

* The Loft serves locally made and organic beverages.

* The Loft's bar menu consists of locally purchased ingredients that are all within a 150 mile radius of Wheaton College.

* We only purchase seafood that is designated as a "Best Choice" and "Good Alternative" by the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch list.
Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program ensures we focus on preserving our oceans and fisheries for future generations by encouraging the use of sustainable seafood.

Waste Management

* We recycle all glass, cans, paper, plastic and cardboard in collaboration with Wheaton.

* We purchase in bulk to reduce packaging waste.

* We use SCA brand 100% recycled napkins in all locations.These dispensers reduce mapkin usage and related waste by 40%!

* We donate all pre and post consumer food waste to a local pig farmer, PLANTE BROS FARM, Norton, MA. providing the farm with all food waste products to be used as feed.This reduces the amount of by-products sent into the waste water system. 

* Coffee grounds and eggshells are recycled and used as fertilizer for Wheaton College greenhouse.

* Used vegetable frying oil is now picked up by Wheaton Alum Andrew Harkness (class of ‘06)–VP of Operations at MBP Bioenergy, Attleboro, MA–and processed into biofuel. 75% of the fuel is then used as truck fuel as well as heating oil for local homes in the community, reducing the region’s impact on climate change and improving air quality.

Energy and Water Conservation

* We have gone trayless to conserve water and energy.

Green Buildings

We support and encourage Earth-friendly buildings and system design.



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Giving back to the Community:

We enrich communitites where we live and work, everyday. 
The mission of ARAMARK Building Community is to enrich the lives of families in need by supporting local community centers that help people of all generations learn, earn and thrive.  ARAMARK recognizes the important role community centers play in addressing the needs of individuals and families.
ARAMARK has partnered with City Year, one of the world's leading organizations in engaging citizens in service, to work with us in creating impactful volunteer service days.  It doesn't stop there.  ARAMARK has also worked in collaboration with community leaders, government officials and community based organizations to improve community development and educational programs all over the country.
To learn more about ARAMARK Building Community, please visit