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Reusable To-Go Container Program

Why the switch to a reusable container?

Vassar Dining is committed to reducing our environmental impact; we needed an environmentally preferable solution to the traditional disposable “to-go” container. Last year at Vassar we used (and then discarded) nearly 100,000 paper to-go containers! By switching to reusable containers we will reduce our contribution to the waste stream and the associated costs of managing solid waste.

How do I get one?

This Upon request, students will be issued a reusable Eco-container at the front entrance of ACDC. A $5.00 refundable deposit is required, payable with Dining Bucks or V-Cash.

Why do I have to pay $5.00?

If your container comes back in reusable condition you will be refunded the $5.00. The deposit is only for replacement costs of damaged containers which are not reusable as part of the exchange program. 

Has the to-go program changed at all?

No, the take out meal procedure is the same – leave your ID when you swipe at the door, pick it up as you leave, enjoy your meal!

What do I do the next time I want a meal to-go?

Just bring your rinsed container and exchange it at the door for another clean reusable container. 

How do they get cleaned?

The re-usable containers are dishwasher safe and go through the same cleaning process as the dinnerware at ACDC. 

What if I forget to bring the rinsed container?

The You can receive another container for another refundable $5.00 deposit.