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Sustainability on Campus

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We compost all pre-consumer food waste at Bartol Hall and The Fens. Composting is the process of breaking down organic materials (food) and turning it into nutrient-rich plant fertilizer, instead of having the food be in a landfill.

Our oil used in the deep fryers is recycled and converted into biodiesel. Biodiesel can be used to power diesel engines in trucks and heat homes and is a better alternative to petroleum based oils because it comes from a renewable resource.

The seafood we serve aligns itself with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Guide’s “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative”.

Our napkins are made from 100% recycled content.

We dine trayless to reduce food waste and water consumption. An ARAMARK study of 186,000 meals at 25 colleges and universities found a 25%-30% reduction in food waste per person on trayless days.

Simmons Dining has a partnership with Sid Wainer & Son in New Bedford which connects us to numerous local produce suppliers in the New England area. Purchasing from smaller farms near Simmons reduces our carbon footprint by cutting down fossil fuels needed to transport the produce and supports our local economy.

Easy Ways You Can Be More Sustainable:

-Invest in a good quality water bottle to reduce your plastic consumption. Bottled water also can have a 4000% markup on it.

-Bring your own reusable bag when you go shopping

-Don’t leave your phone and laptop chargers plugged in if you aren’t charging your phone/computer. All electrical appliances draw power when plugged in, even when not being used or turned on.

-Take smaller portions at Bartol Hall to reduce food waste. You can always go up for seconds, but you cannot put back the food you did not eat!

-Skip the straw and lid on fountain beverages at The Fens if you are not taking your drink to go.

-Print your files double sided and not only will you save trees, but you will save money on paper.


Andy Allen
Director of Dining

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