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Meal Plans

The best value in dining, Unlimited Plans provide the user with unlimited access to our residential dining facilities in Danforth, Douglass and Eastman Dining Centers. The declining balance dollars that come with each plan can be used in any retail facility, cafes, or campus market. Unlimited Plans also come with seven Bonus Meals per semester which can be used for guests, eco-friendly to-go clamshell containers, or to gain entry into community meals sponsored by Dining Services and Student Activities.

Pass Plans
Pass Plans offer yet another opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds with some additional flexibility. The passes may be used to swipe in for meals in the residential facilities with the benefit of additional declining balance dollars than the Unlimited plans. The Pass Plans also include 4 Bonus Meals.

Declining Balance
Declining Balance plans work just like a debit card and can be used at any dining location. The balance can be reloaded at any time during the semester and funds can roll over from the Fall semester to Spring semester but cannot be rolled over from year to year. Additional funds can be added online at my.rochester.edu or via cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover at the Customer Service Center in Susan B. Anthony Halls.

River Campus  Dining Plans 2015-2016

Unlimited Plans & Declining Options                                                                                          Total Cost each semester

  • Meliora Unlimited Plan and $500 Declining Balance/semester                                    $2882/semester

    Blue Unlimited Plan and $350 Declining Balance/semester                                        $2765/semester

    150 Pass Plan and $850 Declining Balance/semester                                                $2765/semester

    125 Pass Plan and $850 Declining Balance/semester                                                $2533/semester

    Option A Declining $2155 Declining Balance/semester                                              $2765/semester

    Option B Declining $1935 Declining Balance/semester                                              $2533/semester

    Option C Declining $1515 Declining Balance/semester                                              $2160/semester

    Option D Declining $731 Declining Balance/semester                                               $1025/semester

    Commuter Declining $258 Declining Balance/semester                                             $336/semester

River Campus Meal Plan requirements are assigned by residence hall. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Students living in: Gilbert, Hoeing, Lovejoy (freshmen), Susan B. Anthony, Tiernan – Blue Unlimited Pass Plan or 150 Pass Plan.
  • Students living in: ADP, Burton, Crosby, Fairchild, Kendrick, Lovejoy (upperclassmen), Munro, O’Brien, Psi U, Slater- Blue Unlimited Pass Plan, 150 Pass Plan or Option A Declining Plan.
  • Students living in: Anderson, Chambers, Gale, Wilder- Option C Declining Plan.
  • Students living in: DeKiewiet, Douglass Leadership House, Drama House, the Maisonettes, Riverview Apartments, Sig Ep, Valentine - Option D Declining Plan.

Eastman Campus Dining Plans 2015-2016

Declining Balance Plans                                                                                Total Cost each semester

Diamond Declining Balance Plan                                                                             $2765semester

Platinum Declining Balance Plan                                                                             $2116/Semester

Silver Declining Balance Plan                                                                                   $1025/semester

Commuter Declining Balance Plan                                                                          $579/semester

Resident Eastman School of Music Meal Plan requirements are assigned by class year. The minimum requirements are as follows:

·         Freshmen: Have a minimum requirement of the Diamond Declining Plan for the fall semester.

·         Sophomores & Juniors: Have a minimum requirement of the Platinum Declining Plan.

  • Seniors & Graduate Students: Have a minimum requirement of the Silver Declining Plan.

Off Campus Requirements:

All Undergraduate students given permission to live at home or off campus may select any meal plan option with a minimum requirement of the Commuter Declining Plan.