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To sign up for a meal plan or change your existing meal plan, please email us at dining@hartford.edu
*You only have the first two weeks from the first day of classes to downgrade your meal plan.

There are many privileges you will be able to enjoy if you sign up for a meal membership…
  • The security of having guaranteed meals or the flexibility of a la carte dining
  • You never have to worry about who's going to cook or do the dishes
  • A wide variety of great foods
  • No need to pay ATM fees, worry about carrying cash or having enough cash
  • Just swipe and go! 

Meal Plans for 2014-15

Residential Meal Plans
Freshman Exclusive 7-Day All-Access                         $1985/semester
Unlimited Meals at Commons  
$100 Dining Dollars/semester
5 guest meals/semester
5-Day All-Access Plan                                                 $2295/semester
Unlimited Meals at Commons any 5 days of your choice
$400 Dining Dollars/semester
5 guest meals/semester

200 Block Plan (200 meals at Commons)              $2345/semester
$500 Dining Dollars/semester
5 guest meals/semester
100 Block Plan (100 meals at Commons)              $2225/semester
$1,000 Dining Dollars/semester
5 guest meals/ semester

Commuter Plans
50 Block (50 meals at Commons)                                 $950/semester
$600 Dining Dollars/ semester
25 Block (25 meals at Commons)                                  $600/semester

$400 Dining Dollars/semester

 These new plans are a great way to manage your dining experience throughout the semester. Add Dining Dollars to your account so you can purchase a drink or snack between classes without using a whole meal.

*Commuter students are not limited to the commuter meal plans.

How Meal Memberships Work
Quality, variety, and convenience are the main ingredients of our diverse dining program. To keep up with ever-changing food trends, University of Hartford Dining Services offers low-fat, low-carb, and vegetarian dining options every day. Additionally, we offer traditional American cuisine, ethnic dishes, and popular national brands, such as Extreme Pita and Einstein Bros Bagels. There are eleven dining locations offering a combination of service styles to meet your needs. The Fresh Fooc Company at the University Commons is an all-you-care-to-enjoy facility, while the 1877 Club in the Grey Conference Center provides a restaurant-style upscale lunch buffet with tableside beverage service. There are several retail dining locations offering a la carte service, espresso bars, delis, and a large convenience store with extensive grocery selections. Students have the option to use Dining Dollars at all dining locations on campus.

Weekly Meals
Meal memberships give you the opportunity to partake in all-you-care-to-enjoy dining for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our resident dining location – the Commons. You receive a specified number of guaranteed meals per week each semester or you have the unlimited plan where you can eat as many times during the day at the Commons, based on the membership you select. During scheduled University breaks meals will not be valid. Dining Dollars, HawkCASH, cash, and credit are all accepted.

Dining Dollars
All of the meal memberships offer Dining Dollars, which are accepted like cash in all of our dining locations. You can use your Dining Dollars account to purchase beverages, snacks or full meals for you and your friends at any time. Whenever you use your Dining Dollars on campus, the amount is subtracted from your account like a debit card.

Please Note: Dining Dollars will carry over from Fall to Spring semester provided you participate in a meal membership both semesters (valid for all meal memberships and commuter plans).

HawkCASH – Increased Flexibility
HawkCASH is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your purchases on and off campus. To use it, simply deposit money into your HawkCASH account at
http://www.hawkcard.com/ or at one of our three Transfer Value Stations (The Commons Lobby, Mortensen Library and the Village Market) or the HawkCARD Office using cash or check and your balance will decline with each purchase you make. This account is a perfect supplement to your meal membership and is the only means of paying for laundry and making copies. Coins are not accepted.

HawkCASH will carry over from semester to semester until your senior year. At the end of your senior year you may collect your remaining HawkCASH balance ONLY IF the amount exceeds $15. There are zero dollars returned for any balance under $15.

Please Note: All resident students must participate in a meal membership. Freshmen may choose from any of the four memberships offered. As its name implies, the “Freshmen Exclusive” membership will only be available to students during their freshman year. The commuter meal membership is not available to students living on campus.