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Fall 2014 Budget Sheet

Resident Student Plans

 Traditional Plans



Semester Price

 Gold Rush*

 Visit the Hardrocker Cafe for three meals a day or every two hours! 
Plan includes unlimited meals/semester and $100 Meal Plan Flex Dollars.   


 Hardrocker 160*

 Perfect if you eat an average of ten meals per week in the Hardrocker Cafe. 
Plan includes 160 meals/semester and $250 Meal Plan Flex Dollars.


 Hardrocker 125*

 Best if you eat an average of seven meals per week in the Hardrocker Cafe. 
Plan includes 125 meals/semester and $500 Meal Plan Flex Dollars.


Hardrocker 75

This plan is for you if you eat an average of five meals per week in the Hardrocker Cafe.
Plan includes 75 meals/semester and $250 Meal Plan Flex Dollars.


 *Freshman may choose the Gold Rush, Hardrocker 160 or the Hardrocker 125 plans.


All Flex Plans



 Semester Price

 Hardrocker Flex

                Best value if you never know what location you will be eating at next.               
Plan includes $1,000 in Meal Plan Flex Dollars. 


 Rocker Square Flex**

 Perfect plan for Rocker Square residents! 
Plan includes $500 in Meal Plan Flex Dollars.   


**This plan is available to Rocker Square residents only.

Meal Plan Terms and Conditions:
First year students living on campus may choose between the Gold Rush, Hardrocker 160, or Hardrocker 125.  Second year and above students may select the Gold Rush, Hardrocker 160, Hardrocker 125, Hardrocker 75, or Hardrocker Flex plans. Meal Plan Meals on the Gold Rush plan are to be used for the owner of the plan only.  Meal Plan Meals on the Hardrocker 160, Hardrocker 125, and Hardrocker 75 plans are not transferrable to the next semester and are non-refundable. Meal Plan Flex Dollars will transfer from the fall to spring semester but must be utilized in full at the end of spring semester. These funds are non-refundable.

All funds and plans purchased for use in the SDSM&T Dining Program are for the personal use of the owner of the account or plan only and are non-transferable.  The SDSM&T Dining Program funds and plans cannot be used as a gift card or gift certificate.  Except as otherwise expressly stated in these terms, all SDSM&T Dining Program funds and plans are non-refundable and will expire at the earlier of the last day of enrollment or employment, as applicable, or the last day of the current semester.

All meal plans include a bond and utility fee used to cover costs of building operations and improvements.


Faculty/Staff and Commuter Student Plans



 Semester Price


 Plan includes 50 meals and $50 in Meal Plan Flex.



 Plan includes 25 meals and $25 in Meal Plan Flex.


 Add on Flex

 Add on Meal Plan Flex at any time!

 $You Decide!

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