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Meal Plans

There are lots of privileges you will be able to enjoy if you sign up for a meal plan including...

  • The security of guaranteed meals and the flexibility of a la carte dining.
  • You never have to worry about cooking or doing the dishes.
  • Lots of great choices!
  • Regular meals with your hall, floor and class friends.

How Meal Plans Work
Meal plans are designed specifically to  make your life simpler. The bar code on your student ID is coded with your meal plan information and works with our computer system to identify you as a meal plan member. The MEALS PER WEEK part of your meal plan can be used in the main cafeteria any meal we are open. Also, your meals can be used in the Noble Roman's, Jump Asian and Subway from 6:00 to 10:00 at night and Logan's from 9:00 to midnight if you miss dinner in the cafeteria. For planning, our "week" begins on Thursday morning and ends Wednesday night.

The DECLINING BALANCE (DB) part of your meal plan works on the same principle as a bank debit card. Each time you make a food purchase in Noble Roman's, Subway, Java City, Logan's or the C-Store (depending on your meal plan entitlement), the total cost of your purchase is subtracted from the dollar balance in your account. DB on the 8 plus meal plan are "reset" to $24.00 each Thursday morning, and any balance remaining at that time is lost. DB on the remaining meal plans are valid the entire quarter.  Any voluntary DB you add to your meal plan account is good the entire academic year, and when you use your DB, the DB that is included with your meal plan is used first, and then any additional DB you add to your account.

Click here to purchase plans and additional DB now!

First quarter freshmen are required to be on the 18 meal plan, and total enrollment in the 8 Plus and 110/100 Meal Plans are limited with preference given to seniors and juniors.