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Meal Plans - Frequently Asked Questions

If I have meals left at the end of the fall semester, will they carry over into the spring?
Meal plans are purchased by semester. Unused meals do not carry over to the next semester, nor do you receive credit for the meals you choose not to use.

Is J-term included in my Fall or Spring block of meals?
J-term meals are issued as a separate block of meals. The cost of J-term is included in your fall/spring fees.

Can I eat more than 3 times a day?
Yes. You can eat as many times as you like, as long as you do not exceed the number of meals per semester. You are not limited to the number of meals you eat per week. However, you need to be conscious that you utilize your meals wisely so that they will last through the semester.

Hopefully, you have chosen a meal plan consistent with your eating habits, whether you eat, on average, one, two, or three meals per day, and if you are here on the weekends.

What happens if I run out of meals?

In the event that you run out of meals in the middle of the semester, you can charge your meals to your MMC ID. You will be charged the door price for your meal. Next semester, you may want to consider a meal plan with more meals available if you run out of meals early in the semester.

Can I use my meals for my weekend visitors and friends who do not have meal plans?

No. Meal plans are non-transferable. If you wish to treat your guests to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can charge it to your ID.

With the new meal plans, can I still charge to my ID?

Yes. You will still be able to charge to your ID in the dining room and the Hilltop Grill. Any charges made to you ID will be sent once a month ot the business office and included on your bill from the University as “Dining Charges.” The charges are not itemized. You can obtain a copy of your dining charges form the Dining Office, free of charge.

Can I change my meal plan mid-semester?

You can switch to a meal plan with more meals at any time in the semester. Contact the Residence Life office to do so.


You can select a meal plan with fewer meals during a specified amount of time before the start of each semester. For freshmen, the deadline to change your meal plan is September 15 for fall semester, and January 1 for the spring semester.


For upperclassmen, the deadline for selecting a meal plan is August 1 for the fall and January 1 for the spring.

I have class and practice during the time lunch and dinner is served. When can I use my meals? 

We are open from 7 am-7 pm, Monday-Friday. Hot meal times are limite, but we are also open in between meals. A full salad bar, deli sandwiches, two varieties of soups, 12 cereal selections, bagels, fruit, desserts are available throughout the day to accommodate students with busy class schedules and extracurricular obligations.


If you have further questions about the meal plan options, please visit the Campus Dining Office,Monday-Friday 7 am-6 pm.