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Meal Plans

We know that today's students have more dining options than ever before.
 All Meal Plans are allocated per semester. Meals may be eaten as desired, but the total semester meals may run out before the end of a semester if the "average" total is exceeded. All meal plans are valid in the McAuley Dining Room and require a photo and bar-coded Mt Mercy University ID to be scanned for entrance to the dining.
  • Gold Plan - This meal plan is available to anyone and entitles users to all of the meals offered in the Dining Room each week. This plan offers the lowest cost permeal an is an excellent choice for the student accustomed to eating three meals daily.
  • Blue Plan - This plan is available to anyone and entitles users to eat, on average, two meals per day. This plan is designed for the person who rarely eats breakfast or who is absent from campus on occasional weekends.
  • Mustang Plan - This meal plan is available to all Juniors and Seniors. Users are entitled to eat, on average, one meal per day. This plan is ideal for students who are off campus for part of the day, student teaching, at nursing clinicals, etc.


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Mount Mercy uses a computerized photo ID system. The university-issued ID card is your admission-ticket to the Dining Room. All meal plan students are required to have this card upon entering the Dining Room or wishing to utilize it for purchases in the Hilltop Grill.

If your card is lost, invalid, or not with you for any reason, check with the Campus Dining Office immediately. Replacement cards may be purchased from the Safety and Security Office. After receiving a new ID you must stop by the Campus Dining Office to activate your new card. Your lost card must be deactivated to prevent improper usage. This system protects you against ID card abuse. This system is being used to prevent unauthorized persons from using the services you pay for, ID CARDS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE FOR ANY REASON.

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Dining Memberships offer varying levels of buy-in, which makes it the most convenient for you - the customer!

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