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Meal Plans

What are the Advantages?
There are lots privileges you will be able to enjoy if you sign up for a meal plan:

  • The security of guaranteed meals or the flexibility of a la carte dining.
  • You never have to worry about cooking or doing the dishes.
  • Lots of great food choices.
  • And of course, you'll save money!!

How do they work?
Meal plans are geared specifically to make your life simpler!  A magnetic stripe on the back of your student ID card works with our computer system to identify you as a meal plan member.  Our meal plans are easy, economical and designed to meet the needs of your busy campus lifestyle.

Meal plans are required for students that live on campus but those living off campus may also take advantage of this convenient and affordable privilege.  The off campus student will be able to join their on campus friends for the ultimate university social experience.

The meal-per-week portion of your plan can be used at the Western Dining Hall.  The more meals you commit to purchasing, the more money you will save in the long run.

The FLEX $ work on the same principle as a bank debit card.  Each time you make a food purchase, the total cost of your meal is subtracted from the FLEX $ balance in your account.  Flex $ and Gold Dollars can be used at your discretion throughout the fall and spring semesters and are accepted all over campus.  If you live off campus and would like to sign up for a meal plan, stop by the Business Office to sign up. 

Gold Card Deposits
Another option available is to deposit money into an account which works the same as a Flex $ account which is part of some of our Meal Plans.  This is geared towards off campus students, faculty and staff who feel that a meal plan is not suitable for them.  Students on a meal plan may also make deposits into an account if they have depleted their Flex $ or if Flex $ are not part of their meal plan.

You can set-up a Gold Account or make a deposit on an already existing account, right here on our website.  It's easy, secure, convenient and open 24 hours a day/7 days a week!

Got a question?
If you don’t find the answer here in our list of most frequently asked questions!

Meal Plan Options

Meal Plan

Meal Allowance
Flex $ per semester
Cost per semester
21 Meals
Any 21 Meals in the Western Dining Hall per week.
15 Meals + $400 Flex 
Any 15 Meals in the Western Dining Hall per week.
$400 Flex
12 Meals + $200 Flex
Any 12 Meals in the Western Dining Hall per week.
$200 Flex
10 Meals + $400 Flex
Any 10 Meals in the Western Dining Hall per week.
$400 Flex


$1,550 Declining Balance Plan
$1,550 Flex for the semester to use in any of our dining service locations.  Available only to Sophomores/
Juniors/Seniors living on campus or any Commuter Student.
$1,550 Flex
$800 Declining Balance Plan 
$800 Flex for the semester to use in any of our dining service locations.  Available only to Juniors/Seniors living on campus or any Commuter Student.
$800 Flex
55 Meal Plan Block
Any 55 Meals in the Western Dining Hall per semester.  Available to Commuter Students only.