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We know that today's students have more dining options than ever before. 


Food Services offers customer-oriented eateries featuring a variety menu choices. We have created an environment that offers students quality, value, convenience and excitement. Our meal plans are designed to make your life easier.  We offer everything from restaurant-style dining to convenience stores and continuously create new great tastes as they come along.  

At Hamline University we make it a priority to meet your individual needs.  We offer meal plans for both on-campus residents and commuters. Check out our different options to find the best plan for you! Still have questions? Let us know!

Donna Krech, Dining Services
PHONE: 651-523-2146


Declining Balance Dollars (DB Dollars)
Many of our dining plans offer DB Dollars which are accepted like cash in all of our dining locations. It works on the same principle as an ATM or debit card. You can draw from your Declining Balance account for beverages, snacks or full meals for you and your friends at any time.  Declining balance helps to supplement the weekly plans, enabling students to purchase some foods 'ala carte' instead of using their full meals.  Cashiers can tell the students their balances at anytime by scanning their Hamline ID card.  Whenever you buy a meal on campus, the total amount of your purchase is subtracted from your Dining Plan Dollars and you can add additional Declining Balance Dollars to your card by contacting our office.

Residential Meal Plans 2015-2016





Averages 12 meals per week plus $400 DB per semester (averages $8.98/meal). Meals cannot be used for guests.  Meals and DB DO NOT carry from fall to spring term.



Averages 9 meals per week plus $800 DB per semester (averages $9.84/meal).  Meals cannot be used for guests. Meals and DB DO NOT carry from fall to spring term.



Averages 4-5 meals per week plus $900 DB per semester (aveages $11.41/meal).  Meals cannot be used for guests. This plan is NOT available to Frist Year and Sophmore resident students.


Plan Extras: For an additional $75 a guest meal package of 10 meals can be added to any of the meal plans.  Guest meal packages cannot be purchased without a regular meal plan as a base for the purchase.  The guest package is only valid for the semester it is purchased in and must be used by the end of that semester time line.

 Commuter Meal Plans 2015-2016





Averages 2-3 meals per week plus $150 DB per semester.  One time purhase and meals do NOT carry from fall to spring term but unused DB does.



Annual meal plan, 1 time purchase, but can re-load throughout the year.


   Ala Carte Declining   Balance

Declining Balance can be purchased as any time by any student, staff or faculty member.  Students who live in traditional on-campus housing are required purchase one of the residential block plans, however they can add on Declining Balance at any time throughout the year.  Declining Balance can also be purchased through our website.

purchase in increment of $25

Meal Plan Semesters
Fall semester begins September 3, 2015 and ends January 16, 2016. Spring semester begins January 21, 2016 and ends May 21, 2016.

The Meal Plan that you end the fall semester with will automatically re-set to the same meal plan for springsemester.  To change your meal plan for spring semester, you will need to contact the dining services office.