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Late Night Breakfast
Thursday, December 11, 2014
9pm - 11pm

Bishop's Bistro
Anderson Center




                        Service Hours Academic Year 2014-2015

                                            Bishop's Bistro                          
                    Breakfast              M-F                 7:15am   -   9:30am
                    Lunch                     M-F                11:00am   -  1:30pm                   
                    Dinner                    M-Th               4:30pm   -   7:30pm                  
                    Brunch                   S & S              10:00am   -  1:00pm              
                    Late Lunch            S & S               1:00pm   -   3:00pm                 
                    Dinner                    Fri - Sun         4:30pm   -   6:30pm          


                            Monday - Friday            7:30am - 8:00pm
                            Saturday - Sunday        9:00am - 8:00pm

                                                    Leo's Corner

                            Monday - Friday                7:30am    -    Midnight
                            Saturday                             9:00       -      Midnight
                            Sunday                                3:00pm    -    Midnight                       

                                                    Piper Grill & Cafe

                           Monday - Thursday                      7:30pm - Midnight
                           Friday - Sunday                            6:30pm - Midnight

                            Monday - Friday                            8:30am - 8:00  pm
                                        Closed    Saturday    and     Sunday

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