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Beaver Bucks

All meal plans include Beaver Bucks. In addition, Beaver Bucks can be purchased by Commuters. Beaver Bucks are accepted like cash in all of our dining locations. It works on the same principle as a debit card. You can draw from your Beaver Bucks for beverages, snacks or full meals for you or your guests at any time. Whenever you buy a purchase at any dining service location, the amount of your purchase is subtracted from your Beaver Bucks account. You can add additional Beaver Bucks to your account at any time. Any unused Beaver Bucks remaining at the end of the spring semester are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to the next term.

How to purchase more Beaver Bucks:
You can add Beaver Bucks to your account at any time in either manner:

  • Go to the Dining Services Office in Northwoods Dining Center or the BSU Business Office to make your payment by cash, check, money order or credit card, or to establish a Beaver Bucks account.
  • Go to any of our cash registers at any of our locations to buy more Beaver Bucks.
  • Buy Online (NEW!) - Use your credit card to purchase Beaver Bucks online.
    *Please note: In order to buy Beaver Bucks online, you must have an existing Beaver Bucks account established. If you do not have a Beaver Bucks account established, go to the Dining Services Office to sign-up...then re-charge you account at anytime using our online purchasing option!