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As your partner, we hope to continue to serve and develop our program to further align with your mission and enhance the William and Mary experience.  To demonstrate our commitment to health and wellness, we have a Regional Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Coordinator to support the William and Mary Dining and the College.  Sherie Sheran is here to help William and Mary Dining develop and implement a Wellness Program that aligns with specific needs and improves the quality of life on campus.  To email Sherie, please click here.

Our Nutritionist and Wellness Corrdinator has helped us select the tools and programming to tailor a Wellness Program and Calendar next year to make it easier than ever to find great-tasting, healthy dining options and the nutritional information to lead healthier lifestyles all year long.
Wellness Expectations Tailored Specifically For William and Mary:

  • Make It Easy to Identify Healthy Dining Options
  • Promote Nutritional Information and Make it Accessible to Everyone
  • Foster Personal Growth and Development with Beyond-the Classroom Learning
  • Create Special Dietary and Allergen Solutions so Everyone Can Eat on Campus

Ask the Dietitian: Vegetarian Choices
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