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Reasons for having Dining Dollars at all times:

* Dining Dollars are tax free (anytime you use dining dollars, you save 10%)
* Added security of not having to carry around cash.
* Dining Dollars allows you to budget your money.
* Convenience. Dining Dollars can be used to purchase food & beverage at all W&M Dining locations.

Add Dining Dollars online NOW! You must have a meal plan to purchase Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are great for students who have a Dining Meal Plan Memberships and live on and off campus. It provides the flexibility and convenience of a debit card to use at on-campus W&M Dining facilities. It's flexible because you add money as you need it and convenient because you don't need to carry cash or visit an ATM every time you need lunch or snack money. Any cashier can tell you your balance by simply swiping your card. You or your parents can add money anytime and even over the phone! Simply call 757.221.2105 to add money to your account today.

Save Money with Dining Dollars Incentive
Dining Dollars may be used through out campus. Anything from having a pizza delivered to your dorm room, to grabbing a pint of ice cream to meeting your friends for a specialty coffee drink. You may purchase additional Dining Dollars as an "add-on" to any of our convenient meal plans. Remember, your purchases made with Dining Dollars are tax free!

Additional Dining Dollars may be purchased in increments of $10 at any time throughout the semester. You can purchase by dialing 757.221.2105 or visiting the campus ID Office in the Campus Center or The Students' X-change located in the Sadler Center.