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Runk Hall Dining Room

Spring 2015 

Mon- Thurs: 7am-10pm

Fri: 7am-8pm

Weekends: 10am-8pm

Casual Meal Rates

Meal Cash/CC CavAd Plus $
Breakfast $8.00 $8.00 $7.25
Brunch $9.75 $9.75


Lunch $9.75 $9.75


Dinner $10.25 $10.25 $9.50
Theme Meals $11.25 $11.25 $10.50

Runk Dining is open to all, but mainly serves the Hereford College, Gooch, and Dillard residents. It's convenient to the Student Activities Building, the Piedmont Faculty Housing area, and the McCormick Observatory.

Changing Scenes: This interactive station rotates offerings, like your favorite wraps or made-to-order stir fry.

Daily Choice: Enjoy an interactive menu at this station that allows you to create your own custom-made meal.

Deli Wraps
: Enjoy fresh deli meats and cheeses.

Fire and Ice:
This station serves fresh, flavorful dishes with new ingredients and concepts to provide variety, no matter what time of year it is!

Home Station:
All the comforting meals that you miss from home can be found at this station, from meat loaf to lasagna to fried chicken.

Mongolian Grill:
A rotating menu of delicious grilled foods are at this station, including grilled cheese and burgers.

Chop House:
This gourmet grill station offers lean steaks and fresh market fish for a $5 upgrade charge.

Premium Salad Bar:
This salad bar provides light, healthy fare that varies in theme each day.

Vegetarian and Vegan:
Look for a variety of healthy and interesting vegetarian and vegan dishes for your meal, or as a side dish to accompany any of our other selections.

Hoo’s in a Hurry:
 A take-out program included in your dining plan. Simply identify your meal as to-go when you swipe at the cashier stand, receive one of our compostable to-go boxes or use the UVa Dining reusable to-go container, and help yourself to any of the recipes served in the residential dining room.

Don’t forget to stop by the C3 at Runk for snacks and sundries!

Meal plan meal swipe, Plus Dollars, Cavalier Advantage, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accepted.