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Summer 2015 

Our innovative meal exchange take-away program on Central Grounds features chef-prepared hot and cold entrees for take away, to office, classroom or home.  A complete meal is offered for a meal exchange swipe, and add-ons are offered for cash, credit and Plus Dollars.

Meal Exchange/To-Go Policy

The Meal Exchange and To-Go meal policies are as follows: a To-Go meal will now count as a “Meal Exchange” swipe, and will be deducted from your account in the same manner. With the Ultimate Access Meal Plan, the student has three swipes per day to use for either Meal Exchange or To-Go meals. With the All Access 7, All Access 5, Semester 100 and Semester 50 Meal Plans, the student has two swipes per day to use for Meal Exchange or To-Go Meals. Students are allowed one swipe per hour whether it is a Meal Exchange or To-Go swipe. We want you to join us for your meals in our locations and share in the experience of dining at The University of Virginia.

The Meal Exchange program was implemented as a temporary program put in place to navigate the dining program through the construction process of Newcomb Hall. However, the program proved to be very popular and we are excited to be able to continue it 2014-15 Academic Year. Please see the new times for 2014/15 in the side bar. Meal Exchange is intended to be a meal replacement program, and not an a la carte snack program. When residential locations are open on Grounds, those are the locations where your meal swipe can be used. Your Plus Dollars can always be used for a la carte items such as Grab & Go, coffee, smoothies, convenience items (and much more) all over Grounds!